Simplify telematics data integration and analysis with PathStack API

PathStack provides a single API to access standardised, clean and enriched data from connected assets on any tracking platform.

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    Easily connect and unify data from multiple platforms
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    Access powerful analytics across all connected devices instantly
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    Accelerate feature developement and productivity
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Supercharge your asset tracking workflows

PathStack is the developer's toolkit for unifying and analysing data from multiple asset tracking or telematics platforms. Streamline your connection, processing and analysis and access powerful tools to integrate and ship faster.

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Easily connect telematics accounts via a simple UI on your branded web page.


Access unified and standardised data for all devices on all accounts via REST API, webhook or S3.


Apply powerful analysis functions to the complete data, including vehicle enrichments and spatial classifications.

How It Works

Get Going in Minutes

step 1

Connect Tracking Accounts

Use the PathStack connection page to add telematics accounts or data streams to your space. Share a unique link to your branded connection page with your users.

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step 2

Access Unified Data

Call the PathStack REST API or Webhooks to obtain cleaned data with a uniform structure across all connected devices and accounts. Build to one data profile that is comprehensive and consistent.

step 3

Enhance with Analytics

Apply spatial classifications, advanced filters, data enrichments, aggregations and predictive tools to your complete data set via REST endpoints. Rapidly build data-driven tools in your platform.

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Accelerate Time to Value

PathStack handles the back-end grunt work of telematics data mapping, transformation and analysis so you can focus on making use of your data.


One API to access Multiple Telematics Platforms

Pathstack handles the details of authentication, data mapping and transformation from all your connected tracking systems so you can focus on using your asset data in your product. Build to one consistent API from any telematics input.


Seamless Tracking Account Connection

Connecting telematics user accounts couldn't be easier. Use your unique link to step through the intuitive UI for connecting accounts from leading telematics providers or stream data directly from your own devices or systems.


Beatiful Data, Available Instantly

Skip the hassle of poor quality and variable data from different tracking systems. PathStack maps all connected devices to a single, best in class data structure with automatic transformations and mapping so you always get the same consistent and comprehensive output from each device. If you need the raw system data, that is available too of course!


Powerful Analytics to Drive Features

Accelerate your product development with PathStack's suite of analytics functions applied to you connected tracking data and available on demand. Our growing set of functions include spatial, temporal and aggregate analysis available across all platforms.


Add context with Data Enrichments

Enhance your asset tracking data with added data enrichments and contextual attributes such as vehicle specification lookups, location descriptors and transport network details.


Easy to use and fully explained

PathStack offers carefully crafted endpoints, data structures and docs to make it super easy to get started, understand and excel.

import requests

url = ""

querystring = {

headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer <access-token>"}

response = requests.request("GET", url, headers=headers, params=querystring)

Use Cases

PathStack in Action


Transport & Logistics Operators

Maximise productivity, reduce risk and predict forward. For operators and aggregators PathStack enables fast and seamless integration of vehicle activity into your operations without worrying about the specifics of different systems and devices or the complications of switching between them.


Technology Platform Developers

Add new capabilities using live or historic GPS tracking data to enhance the value and insight your products provide to your customers. Quickly broaden your addressable market with our connector suite or embed our advanced data analysis functions to drive front-end features.


Infrastructure Planning, Development and Operation

PathStack provides a fast and simple method to collect data from transport infrastructure users that can support planning, reasearch and analysis. Avoid wasting time on manual data collection and preparation and access powerful aggregation functions to extract the insights you need.


Primary Producers

PathStack provides a gateway to access data from your contractors, partners or users with data sharing controls and filters to provide owners with control. Support compliance, performance or planning activities with the data you need to drive decisions.

Start Building today!

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